I’m often, while talking about myself, am considered a weirdo because I don’t really care about the appearance of people or what they are wearing.

It’s weird because I can feel really attracted to a person who is considered nerdy or even ugly, but for me, what matters is the personality. (Really, there was a guy in my class last year, I can’t figure him out, but by the way he speaks with his friends or to females I’ve come to hate him, even though he is good looking).

Still I consider myself to be an outcast, because I find it hard to conserve with people or often don’t understand what they are talking about because of background noise.

Also I find it really hard to talk to someone who always complains or degrades people as he/she wishes.

Even so, I find it really hard to get close to people and I am really afraid to be in a relationship.

On the one hand I want to stay independet, try things out, maybe participate in big orgies and have some one-night stands (I don’t understand why it is weird for girls to be sexually active and why they are automatically considered sluts if they share the bed with many guys XP) but on the other hand I want a companion for life, the big romance that will bring me the greates of satisfaction. And so I’m really confused, what I should show people…

Well this is a weird post and if someone reads this…. I don’t know what to say XD but somehow I have this mental outbursts and  the best thing to do is to write down what comes just to my mind :P 

So that’s the end ^^

PS. I want to stop wearing a bra everyday, hope I won’t get bullied to much because of this.

PPS. I am updating my profile picture to “slutversion” XP, I know it shows a lot of my body, but sometimes I just like my body and I like this pircture so I am sorry for beeing indecend.

PPPS. I am sorry for the mistakes I made in my text (fuck mistakes) if someones is bothered by them feel free to send me corrections XD

And also sorry for the bunch of tags but it is really fun to make them ^^


my sentimental mood song for one week


it could be so nice growing old with you